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3 Sticker Sheets Included

World Sticker Map

World Poster
Have real fun learning about the World, by matching stickers to points on this beautiful World map poster 690mm X 1000mm that's ideal for study / bedroom wall decoration afterward.

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The Complete Guide To Flags Of The World

Flags Of The World

An absorbing reference to the flag of every country - it's a great bookshelf addition in every home.

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Childrens World Atlas

Childrens World Atlas

Hours of fun exploration for kids - an excellent and detailed perspective of our planet for enquiring young minds.

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Glow in the Dark World Poster

Day/Night Glow World

A fun educational map of the World that shows continents, countries, major cities etc. At night it will transform into a glow-in-the-dark image - almost a view from space !

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Inflatable World Globe

World Globe

Get juniors used to our World with this robust plastic inflatable globe in bright colours showing enough detail to spark an ongoing interest in exploring.

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Solar System Map

Solar System

Tubed Map
Separate illustrations of each planet with season detail, a cut-away section of the sun and the colour spectrum. Fact files on each planet, orbits and rotation will keep early learners fascinated for hours. Easily blockmounted or framed as a permanent learning aid.

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Mini World Globe


World Political Image
A 21.4cm Globe on a black plastic stand. Colour coded countries, ocean and seas detail, set out in an early learner-friendly way.

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World Scratch Map

Tubed Poster

This interactive Scratch Map is ideal for children and families. It will greatly broaden your knowledge of the countries around the world, national flags, major cities & capital cities. Answer the questions by scratching off the top coating of the map to reveal a beautiful full-colour world map underneath.

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