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Geological Journeys

Nick Norman & Gavin Whitfield

Geological Journeys: a traveler's guide to South Africa's rocks and landforms is an essential companion on car journeys if you have an interest in the geology of our country.

For those who wonder about the jaunty tilt of a mountain ahead, the unusual patterns of a road cutting, the colour and texture of the roadside soil, or the purpose of a distant mine headgear, this handy volume offers answers and explanations about features along all our major routes and some of the lesser, but geologically interesting ones too. The three main metropolitan areas – Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban – are also described, so that city residents can understand their geological features. With accessible text, and using familiar landmarks to highlight phenomena – from the obvious to the subtle – the authors explain our rich geological heritage, its likely roots and its often tumultuous history. Along the way, they also discuss the historical background and the personalities and stories that relate to the landscape.

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Geology Off The Beaten Track

Exploring SA

Geology off the beaten track follows on the success of author Nick Norman’s earlier Geological Journeys (co-authored with Gavin Whitfield), which has sold more than 20 000 copies in the last 6 years.

This new book helps readers understand and interpret the geology along SA’s regional and other less-traveled roads. It features 13 detailed routes across the country, taking in geologically interesting areas such as the Richtersveld, Cape winelands and the Valley of Desolation near Graaff-Reinet. The text is richly illustrated with photos and explanatory diagrams, making it suitable for armchair travellers too. Maps for all the routes indicate key geosites, with GPS readings to pinpoint their location.

This is a must-have handbook for travelers in the region, or for anyone wanting to know more about our rocks and landforms.

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How on Earth?

Terence Mc Carthy
Answers to 73 of the biggest puzzles in nature & the environment. Carefully presented evidence in diagrams, photo's, graphs etc in layman's terms. An absorbing read.

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