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TopoGlide is a version of the 1:50 000 series topographical maps of South Africa that has been converted for seamless viewing in Google Earth. TopoGlide contains both the 1:50 000 raster and vector data sets as created by the Chief Directorate : Surveys & Mapping. The data has been extensively reworked to produce the seamless set available in TopoGlide.

TopoGlide allows you to scroll through the entire country while only loading the portions of the dataset that are relevant to your current view. This allows you to effortlessly examine the entire 60Gb dataset on standard PC hardware. The fact that TopoGlide exists in Google Earth allows you to use the standard GIS tools available for Google Earth such as altitude profile mapping, path length calculation, etc. If you purchase Google Earth Plus, you can update your position from GPS directly onto the TopoGlide maps.

TopoGlide removes all the effort from working with the 1:50 000 series of maps. No more remembering map co-ordinates or finding an object on the split between two maps - TopoGlide presents the whole country in a single seamless dataset.

Download Manual (1.24Mb PDF Document)

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