JHB Live Review - Need direction?

Picture this:
Wall to wall of maps, guidebooks and travel literature. This shop has the business of exploring on its mind.

Every once in a while we all need a little direction. Admit it! Whether you need guidance in the mammoth quest of finding yourself or just need pointers to find your way to the nearest shops, direction is very helpful.

I recently discovered an amazing little shop on Jan Smuts that made my breath quicken and my feet start to itch. MAPS 4 AFRICA deal in the art of navigation and travel dreams.

The tag line for this shop and map business aptly describes what they offer to the public: MAPS 4 AFRICA: the World at Your Fingertips. Simple and so alluring. For someone like me, this shop is a best kept Joburg secret. I have an addiction. But it's a guilt -free one. I have a travel- obsession and constantly have to fight the urge to just get up and go, chase that sunset, follow my feet and escape the city. And often I just give into it. The MAPS 4 AFRICA shop has all the literature anyone can desire about any destination worldwide. One wall shelf is choka-block full of guidebooks and map books relating to African travel only. This made my eyes light up and I started planning to take leave on the spot. The adjacent wall shelf was dedicated to travel on the other continents and looked almost as colourful.

The rest of the shop is adorned with maps of all sorts. Wall maps, atlases, geographical maps and more. There were a couple of world globes dotted around and some awesome photographic posters and decorative maps too. In all, it's a happy place where holiday plans can be decided on just by browsing through their wares. It's also a fantastic place to pick up a gift for someone who has been bitten by the travel bug too.

The little shop is an extension of the greater MAPS 4 AFRICA business which is fundamentally a website where you can order maps and map products whether it be for corporate use, educational function or personal use.

The variety and quality of the products offered is high and inspirational. So if you've lost yourself and need direction or need to plan a great escape Maps 4 Africa is the shop that will get you started.

Written by: Kelly Kidson